JaeVee's Browser Policy

Effective: 18th May 2018

You should upgrade your web browser (the software you use to access the internet) if it’s out of date.

Upgrading to a newer browser will mean:

  • your computer will be more secure and less likely to be attacked
  • it’ll be faster to browse the internet
  • you’ll see more features on many websites

How to upgrade

Choose a browser from the list below and follow the instructions for installing it.

For any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux)

You can use:

For Apple Macs

You can use Safari.

For Windows 10

You can use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge.

For Windows 7 and Windows 8

You can use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

Please Note: You can’t get new versions of Internet Explorer for older versions of Windows, for example XP or Vista.

For mobile devices

You can get help:


We are currently covering the following browsers for our system:

  • Last 2 Versions FF, Chrome, Safari Mac
  • IE 11+
  • Android 4.4+, Chrome for Android 44+
  • iOS Safari 7+
  • Microsoft Edge 12+

Further help

Get Safe Online offers help and advice about upgrading your browser.